Who We Are

idearun is a Startup Studio, this means:

idearun works with visionary founders of growth stage startups to develop their ideas and companies. After 5 years designing and building various startups and consumer services, the idearun team has identified many techniques that help create successful companies.

Our focus is on providing technical and strategic solutions to growth stage startups all over the world with the help of our amazing team and our global network of entrepreneurs & experts. With quality and success of the products in mind, We're a super active and motivated team of specialists, chosen for our particular expertise, and the chemistry we create together.

We are not a VC. We are not an incubator or accelerator. We are a startup studio where we invest our own capital in startups and use our experience and network to grow them into successful companies. We operate as a platform on which you can launch your idea. We believe in starting small, thinking big, and scaling fast.

How We Work

We are all about what is the best approach, and we believe there is no single key to success. We'll work with you to create your own unique path to success. We also help you by connecting you with the right people in your projects and grow your own team alongside your business.

Our Vision

  • Empower creative and impactful ideas.
  • Provide solutions and solve real problems that people have everywhere in the world.
  • A company that people love and would be proud to work with it.
  • To create a stable company, one with real teamwork in each and every section. idearun believes that the team is bigger than its team members.

Our Mission

  • Create impactful jobs for the community.
  • Develop products that are top quality, useful and impactful.
  • Create a self learning environment and organization.
  • Provide services with the goal of optimizing our partners, clients and customers’ operations.
  • Create a dynamic, positive & growing environment for all of our eam members.

Also we hate waste, in fact any kind of waste like time, energy and especially resources. That's why we're all about reducing waste in anyway possible and that's why we're a green company. more than 97% of all of our operations are fully paperless. We simply love our planet.

Our Amazing Team

We value creativity, real teamwork & experience more than anything else. We work collaboratively with each other, we share ideas and brainstorm a lot to be more creative & efficient. These are the doers, hackers, dreamers and creatives making ideas possible.

Farokh Shahabi Farokh Shahabi

Farokh Shahabi


Hasan Noori Hasan Noori

Hasan Noori


Amir Hashemi Amir Hashemi

Amir Hashemi


Mehrnoosh Baratpour Mehrnoosh Baratpour

Mehrnoosh Baratpour


Hamid Tondkaran Hamid Tondkaran

Hamid Tondkaran

Front-end Developer

Hesam Sanei Hesam Sanei

Hesam Sanei

UI/UX Designer

Tadeh Alexani Tadeh Alexani

Tadeh Alexani

iOS Developer

Elham Feyzolahi Elham Feyzolahi

Elham Feyzolahi

Android Developer

Sahand Kalantary Sahand Kalantary

Sahand Kalantary

Marketing Executive

Atiyeh Bayat Atiyeh Bayat

Atiyeh Bayat


Arian Soltani Arian Soltani

Arian Soltani

Back-end Developer

Mahsa Ghazi Mahsa Ghazi

Mahsa Ghazi

Graphic Design Intern

Mehrsima Zehtabchi Mehrsima Zehtabchi

Mehrsima Zehtabchi

iOS Developer Intern

Join Us

We are looking for amazing people for our teams. If you have spirit of teamwork and you like learning new skills everyday, join us today.