Work With Us

idearun startup studio is growing non-stop. If you are a creative person, like to work in teams and want to learn new skills every day, idearun will be perfect place for you. We value your experience & your energy more than your education.

How We Work

All of our teams work with same principles. We focus on providing each member on our team with the autonomy and tools needed to do their best work. Such as:

  • We believe in unity. Every member of the organization should be united with each other.
  • This all starts with trust. A full trust between all team members and between us and our partners and clients.
  • idearun is a lean & agile organization. Wasting time, energy and money by any means is not acceptable.
  • There is no working hours. Choose when you want to work or when you don’t want to work. As long as your tasks are done, you’re good to go - You can work in your designated office or remotely, your choice.
  • All teams will be working with a series of appointed tools to do their work freely from anywhere, anytime.
  • Each team has a “Manager” or a “Director”, who is responsible for the whole team’s performance and for assigning everyone's tasks and deadlines.
  • The “Manager” will decide and assess the needed skills and resources for their team.
  • Each team member will work directly with their manager or their director.
  • The whole organization is as flat as it can be and everyone can be promoted as fast as their quality and impact of their works.

We want you to feel like you run the ship for whatever project you’re working on. You will get all the support you need, but you will have the autonomy to manage yourself.

This is also one of the reasons we don’t set work hours. You will make your schedule and can work from wherever you want most of the time. We have a few occasions where we need to be together, but you are mostly in charge of shaping your days.

We’ve found that this approach makes us all feel the best while working and ends up making everyone more productive.

Sometimes you might prefer to work in the morning while other times your energy level might be highest when the only thing on TV are infomercials. We believe you should be able to structure your schedule for what makes you feel the most energetic, creative, and happy.

We believe that the team work and the organization, is something bigger than ourselves and we always put its benefits first rather than personal interests. Our goal is that every member reach their goals through the organization.

Avaliable Positions

If you're creative & a true team player, you're in the right place

Back-End Developer

Senior Python (Django) Developer

Full Time
Business Developer

Members of our business development & marketing teams are opportunity seekers. They’re always looking toward the horizon, searching for new ways to climb higher and tell stories that resonate.

Full Time
Sales and Marketing Manager

Responsible for the whole sales & marketing team of idearun

Full Time

Internship Program

If you are in your first steps of your professional career, you can join our “Internship program”. In this program you will:

Learn to work in teams
Do brainstorming with your colleagues
Learn new, exciting and practical skills
Create and work on your own ideas and turn them to great ideas

And more exciting of all, if you pass your program successfully, you will join idearun immediately and will start to work professionally on whole new level. This program is kind of our screening progress for applicants with little experiences. We hope to see you working with us.


All applications will receive an email about their applications within a week. If you didn't hear back from us, please contact us directly by Looking forward to hearing from you.